Je eigen drank, je eigen smaak, een uniek geschenk

8 strong vodka facts

Everyone will be mesmerized when you serve a glass of vodka or cocktail with the premium vodka from Make Your Own Spirit. The bottle you designed yourself attracts all attention and you can surprise your drinking companions with some nice vodka facts. Just read on and find out why you should always have a vodka bottle ready on the shelf …

  1. Wodka or Vodka?
    Wodka is a diminutive of the Slavic word “водa” (vadá) which means “water” in Polish and Russian. The first letter “в” sounds somewhat between a “v” and a “w” as our Slavic friends pronounce the word. This is why there are 2 types of writing circulating. In Dutch, “Wodka” is the correct way to write.
  2. A stiff medicine
    A jellyfish bite or a stabbing pain? No better way to disinfect the wound and relieve the pain than with vodka! Taking a good sip can be a good remedy also.
  3. When you water the flower plants
    Just add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water for your flowers. That way your cut flowers stay fresh longer!
  4. A strong household remedy
    Vodka is ideal for removing glue residues and releasing stubborn labels. The glue dissolves like nothing else! You can also shine chrome, glass and porcelain with vodka and a few drops are enough to clean your windows without streaks. It is even an effective bacteria killer because of the high concentration of alcohol. Good for disinfecting surfaces and preventing odors. Just a few drops of vodka in your air freshener and spray on!
  5. Nazdarovje!
    Vodka is particularly popular in Russia. In order to prevent illegal bootlegging and extremely high alcoholism numbers, the Russian government sets a minimum price every year (which is still ridiculously cheap).
  6. The perfect beauty product
    1 Drop of vodka added to your shampoo would make your hair less greasy. If you mix a few drops with green tea, you also have a refreshing facial tonic that tightens your pores to give no chance for blackheads to form. Vodka is odorless and colorless so why not try it?
  7. Not all fluids weigh equal
    Vodka is slightly lighter than water. 1 liter of water weighs exactly 1,000 grams, while a liter of vodka weighs only 953 grams.
  8. A bit more?
    The most expensive bottle of vodka costs roughly $ 3.75 million per bottle. This Billionaire Vodka was filtered 3 times. With ice from a natural and healing source in England, with Nordic Birch coal and sand from crushed diamonds and gems. The crystal bottle is made by hand, numbered and decorated with diamonds and has a gold leaf finish added.

Order a unique bottle of vodka at Make Your Own Spirit and surprise your guests with a delicious appetizer or yummy cocktail. If the conversation stalls, you have something fun to tale with the above vodka facts.

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