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Drinking Gin? Healthier than you’d think!

Time for a bold statement: drinking alcohol can certainly be good for your health. If you drink it with moderation of course. Occasionally drinking a glass of gin, for example. Gin appears to be an effective remedy for hay fever attacks and some heart and skin problems, for example. Moderate tasting of this forbidden fruit thus remains wonderfully without bad consequences… even better; it is even rewarding!

The science of talking

Are you still looking for an irrefutable argument to give in to the lure of that sparkling gin tonic? Then read on for a moment on how you refute every well-intentioned rebuttal abruptly. You have science on your side here. Gin was invented by a Dutch doctor, Franciscus Sylvius. He distilled all kinds of medicinal drinks and baptized one of them as “genièvre”, from which later the English name gin was derived. In the meantime, several scientific studies show that responsible gin drinking not only boosts your mood, but also your health.

  • Good for your skin
    The natural ingredients of gin are antioxidants that keep your skin supple, resilient and young.
  • A longer life
    The juniper berries from which our quality gin is made, contain flavonoids. These healthy organic compounds provide a lot of benefits for your heart and blood vessels. Prevention of atherosclerosis and blocked arteries, to name a few.
  • Hay fever inhibitor
    When you drink gin or vodka, your hay fever symptoms get warded off because of an acute shortage on sulphite and histamine, for example. Substances that are contained by beer and wine, but are especially lacking in these clear spirits.
  • No fattener
    A glass of gin contains an average of 65 calories. Seems like a lot? It is however only half that of a beer!
  • Less waste in your body
    Gin has a strong moisture subsiding effect. Read: you have to go to the toilet a little more often when you drink gin than when you consume other alcoholic drinks. But that is specially a good thing, because every time you urinate, you clean your body time and again.
  • Malaria slayer
    Tonic contains quinine, the natural enemy of malaria. And so you immediately know why the British explorers took gin on a trip during their overseas adventures.
  • A sip of happiness
    That gin tonic cocktail with colorful toppings looks especially fantastic. Do you expect a spontaneous smile to appear on your face? Specially when you share these yummy cocktails with friends, your mood will spontaneously get a positivity boost. In ladies, the alcohol will also increase the testosterone level, which means that there may be a sensual closing of the evening.

Give a healthy gift

“Health!”, We wish each other that so often during a joint drink. With a personalized bottle of gin by Make Your Own Spirit you really put the wish into action. You do not just wish for health, you really share it in a tangible form.

Rather no alcohol?

No problem, at Make Your Own Spirit we now also have an alcohol-free gin in our range. Our alcohol-free gin combines beautiful citrus aromas with a slightly bitter undertone. Enjoy this NA Gin responsibly.

Get Creative

Drinking Gin with your friends is even more fun when it is poured from an original and personalized bottle of MYOS. It’s up to you to choose a beautiful bottle and to fully personalize the label so that you can soon deliver a very special “message in a bottle”. Health!

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